Warning: Transformations may lead to this…

“You can’t have pleasure without pain or pain without pleasure” – Stephan Gardner

I almost wish I knew those words seven years ago when I went on an almost one-year mission to get healthy. I was sick, depressed, had terrible digestive problems and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I couldn’t drop the weight. Going on this mission I figured that when I finally looked and felt good that everything would be perfect.

Here’s the reality check…

It won’t be.

I’m not saying this to you to deter you from looking and feeling your best, but after dropping 25lbs, I was surprised when it wasn’t well received:

Uncomfortably, I looked at the numbers ticking away in the elevator. It was that awkward moment being in an elevator with someone you didn’t like.

“Melissa, have you lost weight?” said the Corporate Dragon Lady.

“Well…I…” I say feeling hopeful that she isn’t the biggest soul-sucking monster.

“Because you look like you’re withering away.”

Yep, she’s still a soul-sucking Godless creature.

The seventh floor finally came and I made my way back to my office.

Don’t cry…don’t cry…

I couldn’t understand why my efforts to get healthy weren’t well received. Now many people might say, “who cares about them?” But problem is, you do. So what can be done instead to ward off the flock of dragon soul-sucking monsters?

Understand first that before you begin ANY transformation journey to evaluate where you are now. Granted, you might hate your body or call yourself fat but understand this: you are living in an illusion that it’s only bad because its not and chances are, to some degree that weight serves you in a positive way. To understand this will help you actually achieve your weight loss goal, to cope and understand the flip side: how will being thin NOT serve you? I’m not just talking about jealousy.  Really think about it and for everyone the answers will be different.

The problem is we hope, dream, visualize and pray to the cartwheeling dancing panda Gods that we get the job, the guy, lose the weight, clear up our skin, etc. I’m not saying its bad to want something but look at yourself when you ask for it. Your head might tilt up or your hand might smack your chest in awe of the idea. Immediately you’ve put yourself below the idea and have created a hierarchy and that once you get what you’re wishing for, life will finally be almost near perfect.

It won’t.

On Tuesday December 11, 2012, I’m going to be launching The Enlighten Movement to help you transform your body AND help to transform the world effortlessly at the same time (details on that to come). I’m bringing in experts Sammie Kennedy from Booty Camp Fitness and Emotional Specialist Stephan Gardner. Together we’re not creating a perfect life for you, rather we’re giving you the tools so you can finally transform your body and help you understand all facets of it so that it can last passed February or March.

This is where most New Year programs fail.

Right now you can view The Enlighten Movement trailer and RSVP and get your FREE copy of my Ultimate Grocery and Kitchen Guide. On Tuesday I’m releasing Phase I of the program to help you prepare. You’ll receive audio recordings, meal plans, recipes, telejam info with our guests and more. It’s coming and soon you’ll have access to change you can handle and that will last.

Are you ready?

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