What is good for bloating? (Kickstart Video No.4)

Let's face it, we've all experienced bloating at some point in our lives and its downright uncomfortable. I for one used to suffer from bloating around my periods especially and roughly half an hour after eating. Well there's a reason for this and in today's FREE Kickstart Video, I'm going to be giving you a remedy with ingredients I bet you have in your kitchen and if you don't? They're super easy to find and don't come from far away places that will cost you a fortune.

You see bloating can happen for several reasons but generally according to Chinese Medicine its due to the fact that our digestive systems are "cold". So we have to warm things up and in today's DIY remedy we do just that.

From a Western perspective bloating roughly half an hour after you eat can be caused by a lack stomach acid. Now ask yourself if you consider yourself to be stressed? Because if you do, our bodies go into that sympathetic, fight or flight mode and the last thing it wants to do is digest anything - and I mean that literally and figuratively. So it's crucial to really take care of not only our stress levels but also to give our digestive systems a little love.

And your liver is a major aspect of digestion, but for your liver detox plan to really work, you need to ensure that other parts of the digestive process earlier on are working like clockwork and that's what I'm about to show you.

Not to mention, in the full Sexy Liver Detox online program which opens its doors on Saturday after the free webinar, I'm going to be providing you with a full up plan on digestion. You'll receive a supplement, dietary and lifestyle plan, meditation recordings, a Skype consult (valued at over $100 alone), expert interviews and so much more all for a very reasonable price.

So in the meantime, reserve your seat on this Saturday's webinar, because once its done, purchase doors open and only 100 people will be able to join and every year this program sells out like **snap!** that!

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