What super power will you have in 2013?

Armed with my super kicked up hot cacao drink, I watch as the time ticks. I know this time for some can be scary, exciting, depressing and sad. Yep, it could be one of those emotions or a whole mish mash of all of them. And if you’re like me, you’ve never really favoured this time of year. So instead, I ask you to join me to fly into the New Year like a Superhero.

Ya, that’s right, get that barista to write Wonder Woman on your coffee cup.

Now this might sound silly, but truthfully why not think about New Year as an exciting time to do GREAT things? Which begs the question:

What super power will you have in 2013?

Challenge yourself here…

I’m not talking about wanting to be invisible (although Lord knows, the boy’s locker room could be fun).  Instead, I’m asking you, would you want to harness your weight loss powers or bring out your acne clearing, mojo-blasting guns? Maybe you want to whip out your bloating formula and say goodbye to that muffin top, for good. Or maybe you’re like me and paying it forward and doing good really matters. Because guess what, there’s a super power for that too.

In The Enlighten Movement, we’ll harness all of our super powers to transform our bodies AND transform the world at the same time. Because for every body transformation you go through, it will count as one point that will be matched with one random act of kindness. Now because my site crashed when the program’s doors opened, I’ve extended the purchase until January 29, 2013. You can start whenever you want and I’ll work with everyone individually throughout the process.

You see, every Superhero needs a sidekick! Which is why you’ll get a 1-hour Skype consult with me and a full-up four-phase plan with meal plans and LOTS of recipes. Plus you’ll get ammo with my experts Sammie Kennedy from Booty Camp Fitness and Stephan Gardner, an emotional specialist. Sammie will be providing a full-workout video tutorial and answering your questions live on a teleseminar. And if you hold onto emotional weight, Stephan Gardner will help you unlock the ability to let it go with another video tutorial and Q&A teleseminar.

And the best part: this plan valued at $400 can be yours for less than an initial Skype consultation with me. It’s practically a steal.

Now I know you might be feeling a little bloated from the holidays, but now help is here. I want us all to fly into the New Year with results that will last. I’d like to build the confidence, beauty and strength in everyone who joins that only a Superhero could have. After all, who doesn’t want to look good in a set of tights?

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