What you should know about Metformin & PCOS

It’s almost like a demon inside of us and many of our chip-loving friends just don’t get our insatiable cravings for sugar…but trust me, I get it. Bad day at work: nothing says lovin’ like a good ol’ chocolate bar. Exhausted and need a pick me up: simple, munch on a granola bar (its healthy for you, right?) and wash it down with some java. You shoot up, crash down, crave some more and gain weight. Plus you have PCOS and your doctor is suggesting that you go on Metformin. For those of you who struggle with Pretty Cute Ovaries Sista (or better known as poly cystic ovarian syndrome), you may not have gone down this route yet. But the weight has been a struggle to take off, you’re tired of the stabbing pains in your ovaries and your moods all over the place. Somehow you feel like you’ve lost control and you’ll do just about anything. But before accepting a prescription for Metformin, here’s what you need to know:

This isn’t just your aunt's Type II diabetic drug

Metformin was developed for Type II diabetic use because it helps those who struggle with insulin resistance, PCOS ladies included. You see your body will struggle to use insulin effectively and it’ll ask your pancreas to pump out more as it attempts for it to be used as energy. But as insulin levels rise further, your lady balls (ovaries) become stimulated to produce more testosterone leading to anovulation, facial hair and even male patterned baldness.  I get it, this sounds drastic, but there are things that can be done through diet, exercise and supplements.

Side Effects

Metformin functions to reduce the level of androgens (like testosterone) produced by the ovaries and the adrenal glands, plus it allows the body to use insulin effectively. But just like any prescription med, Metformin has its own hosts of side effects. You may experience muscle weakness, stomach pain, dizziness, numbness in the hands and feet, trouble breathing and fatigue. Now while the decision is entirely yours, there are some natural ways to approach this.

Diet & Exercise

I know, it’s the golden rule and easier said than right, right? Somehow we feel as though going on low glycemic, junk-free diet means we’re giving up everything we love. Not the case. In fact, it’s simply about falling in love with foods and recipes that you never knew existed. In my webinar coming up, I’ll be giving you the low down on foods that will make a significant impact on your PCOS symptoms. In fact, you'll be surprised that the sugar free plan that I have coming up is unbelievably delicious and healing. Because truthfully, no matter what drugs or supplements you’re on, if you’re not eating well, then the rest of it will make a marginal difference.


In my upcoming program coming up, I will be discussing some key supplements I have not only used on myself as a previous PCOS sufferer, but also on my patients. Supplements like chromium, fibre and protein will be key to avoid running over a squirrel just to get your sugar fix. And the best part: no side effects. I am disheartened when I see campaigns out there that suggest there is no cure for PCOS, but ask that you consistently donate money to find one. There is hope and your pain should never be discredited. Some of you may want to lose weight, get pregnant or simply just live pain free. Whatever the case is, I’m here to let you know that you do have options.

Find out all about it in my upcoming FREE webinar on PCOS and ovarian cysts coming up. So much is coming up, so sign up to simply stay tuned!

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