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What’s holding you back?

It’s the start of the New Year and while many of us have great hopes to make this the most bang up year yet, the majority of us will flock back to work, dissolve into the crowd and simply forget. Or do we?

Getting what we want the most out of life requires us to do one small thing that holds back the majority of us…


And let’s face it, change can be downright scary.

Change forces us to clean out our kitchens and ditch some of our old vices.
Change forces us to get our bodies moving, make our muscles sore and sweat in less desirable places.
Change forces us to let go of the emotions that’s holding us back so that we can drop the emotional weight and move on.

Simply put, change means we need to let go, make room and ditch the fear that:

we’re undeserving
that it might be too hard
or that it might hurt

You’ve likely been bombarded with every single New Year plan on the block, but knowing that you can actually help others while you help yourself is a pretty sweet. You see this sort of diverts fear and distracts it while you can create a sexier, more empowered and stronger you from the inside out.

It really is worth it.

True love that radiates, shines and flexes a little muscle is waiting for you.

"May the dreams of your past,
Be the reality of your future."
-- Unknown

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