why kale is bad for you

Why you still may be unhealthy eating greens & removing gluten.

I know this thought may shock you. After all, we’ve all been told countless times to eat greens, drink them and heck if we could wrap kale around our neck to become healthier then I believe many of us would. But...

...if you think that being healthy is only about how hard you shake your booty and what you put into your pie hole, then you’re missing a piece.

In fact, doing just that could still mean you’re unhealthy.

As an A-Typer, I thrive off intensity. I’m loud, opinionated and have always enjoyed a good sweaty workout. So as I made the changes to eat well, drink my smoothies and remove the gluten and dairy from my world. This isn’t to say that I didn’t notice major changes, because I did. My skin cleared up, I lost some weight and my digestion began to improve.

But as years passed, I still found myself still feeling wired but tired at night, developing ovarian cysts and my digestion was still a little wonky the second stress hit. If I was told just one more time to, “go to sleep earlier”, to “meditate” and “just do yoga”, I was about ready to smack someone.

The thing is I realized that the lifestyle change was my missing piece and adding it into my world was probably harder than shifting my diet.

Forget dietary and sedentary stress, I’m talking about mental stress here. The higher your cortisol levels are (your stress hormone) from not sleeping enough or the inability to manage your stress, the lower your resistance is to insulin. In other words, your body will have no idea when you’ve had enough sugar, so you’ll eat more of it creating a vicious cycle.

More insulin = fat storage

But how could I make people take this part of their health seriously? I wracked my brain about this for my upcoming PCOS & ovarian cyst program because stress is the over arching theme to it and I wanted to make people accountable for taking charge of it. Unlike last year, there's a private Facebook group where people are being motivated, supported and guided. In fact, everyone gets one serious ass-kicking to stay on track and be accountable.

Is it easy to meditate? Hell no. In fact on most days I struggle I’ve realized I can’t be on without the off. Do I really want to do yoga on most days? No! I want to sit on my couch and watch Orange is The New Black and eat chocolate instead. But, I’m grateful because I walk out feeling more grounded and centred.

I’m not promising it will be easy but after 14-days you’ll likely feel so good that you’ll want to adopt it as a lifestyle change. And why not?

Stress is the number #1 killer. It promotes cancer, weight gain, PCOS, acne, muffin tops, fatigue, depression, anxiety and so much more.

We become victims to our lives pissing on the present, reminiscing about the past forgetting the struggles and dream about future goals that will never be sweet once we get them. So it’s time to give the present some love, add in that missing piece that might actually be what could help you feel sexy from the inside out.

Find out more about what you can do to manage your stress, reduce your insulin resistance, drop weight and kiss those cysts goodbye with my upcoming webinar launching this summer. Simply sign up to stay tuned.

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