Miso veggie kebabs

Your best date for the Golden Globes is here.

So the Golden Globes are on tonight and I’ll be honest, I watch these award shows for two reasons: 1) I love to check out what everyone is wearing and 2) it gives me another excuse to make something great to eat. So I figured, why not centre the TKLucky7 recipe challenge on the Golden Globes? So if you plan to watch the awards show tonight, put down that bag of chips or box of cookies mama. Instead, why not make a healthy (and seriously tasty) meal your hottest date?

So things are heating up with the Thai Kitchen Challenge. Today is the last day to show off my recipes as I compete with six other influential contestants around the nation. But next week is where the juicy bits come out to play. Details about the prizing will be released plus you’ll get a chance to vote and that’s when you’ll have the opportunity to win up to $5,000 worth of prizes. Sweet!

In the meantime, without further ado, make tonight a great one and make these little bad boys of love:

golden globe food

Miso Thai Chili Kebabs

Mixed veggies of your choice (I love mushrooms, eggplant, shallots & sprouted tofu)

2 tbsp brown miso

¼ cup Thai Kitchen Thai Chili & Ginger Sauce

Water as needed

Vietnamese Dip Sauce:

¼ cup Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce

½ cup water

2 tbsp coconut sugar

1 tbsp minced garlic

Tools needed: Skewers

This appetizer is sure to please at any party, here’s the recipe:

Begin by cutting up veggies and stabbing them through the skewer. Set aside.

Next begin by mixing the marinate: miso, Thai Kitchen’s Thai Chili & Ginger sauce and water as needed. Mix them thoroughly and pour over kebabs to let marinate for at least an hour.

Next in a small measuring up mix all of the dip sauce ingredients and set aside.

Grill kebabs until thoroughly cooked and serve with Vietnamese dip.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Thai Kitchen Canada. All recipe creation and opinions are my own.

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