You’re alive…so now what?

According to the wise Oreo cookie, the world was supposed to end today. As I went to bed, last night I looked up at the guy in the sky, made of Swiss cheese and made a wish in the hopes that my eyes would open in the morning…and it did.

So now what?

I know many people see the whole end of the world thing as a big hoax because heck, maybe those crazy Mayans were too damn high on cacao beans. But truth is, it’s a start for a new beginning.

The years passed have brought some challenging experiences for all of us: children and adults have died, global catastrophes have happened and wars have continued. And as it stands, we fought back. We blamed global warning, religion, guns, anti-depressants and marched through the streets burning stuffed corporate dolls in the hopes for freedom. We’ve killed ourselves at the gym and fell into states of gluttony after feeling like we just weren’t worth it. We’ve spent hours on Facebook looking at vacation photos of people we don’t even speak to admiring bikini bodies and wishing them a sweet Oedipus death. We have collectively spent years of self-hate and fighting. So now that we’re alive do we keep up the war for freedom?

For years I rebelled against the hippie, hug a tree and wear hemp type movement. And while I won’t knock ya if that’s your thing, it just wasn’t mine. But now after a flash rewind of being witness to years of my patients (and myself) self-hating, I realized the hippies had it bang on in one area: love.

Love is the single most powerful force there is. It fuels and it nourishes and gives back in every way. And while we can’t have pleasure without pain or pain without pleasure to some degree (think yin yang balance here), we can change our thinking. After all, we’re still alive.

I’m not saying catastrophes are not ahead or that you might never feel tempted to emotionally eat again. Rather, I am asking to flirt with perspective at the idea of remembering love. With a new era, we have the opportunity to reconcile with love rather than fight for it. We can support others and create a different frequency for all of us to live in. It’s the reason why I wanted to help transform the world this New Year with The Enlighten Movement. I wanted to celebrate every milestone with a random act of kindness and create positive infection. Infusing love, motivation and spirit through people’s weight loss, clear skin and more energy sounded pretty incredible.

And while I know we’re just a couple miles from that holiday state of gluttony, we can walk out of it without feeling the hate we did in years past. We can curl up with our families and feel grateful for the opportunity to be there and yes, even eat a little too much. Soon just outside the those gingerbread-filled state borders awaits a solution filled with love and support that you won’t want to miss. So if you haven’t signed up for The Enlighten Movement, no sweat. The solution will be waiting for you patiently right after the holidays.

So in the meantime, I’ll be grateful to whisper sweet nothings to the man in the sky this evening as the world goes quiet again. And of course, I’ll be celebrating with a glass of almond milk dipping my Oreo cookie.

Happy new beginning everyone.

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